About tctv.education

Time Capsule Video (TCV) make high quality content to support the curriculum in the United Kingdom and beyond. The classroom of the 21st century usually has excellent audio visual equipment, but what the modern teacher often lacks is suitable TV programmes to enrich their teaching. Not anymore…

In September 2023 TCV launched Time Capsule TV (TCTV), a new streaming channel for primary schools that provides a broad and rapidly expanding catalogue of high quality programming made specifically for the Primary Sector at affordable prices.

TCTV provides a variety of educational programming, to cover the primary age range from EYFS to Year 6. Most of our content will be found under one of three core programming banners, as follows:

TC Tykes

For EYFS and KS1 programmes, they’re bright, colourful and engaging, suitable for the younger viewers.

Story Chest

Our storytelling platform, with series suitable for all age groups, showcasing traditional tales from around the world.

All About

Our factual programme platform, covering various areas of the curriculum, including history, geography, science and more.

Pricing Plans

In these challenging times for schools and school budgets we are aiming to make TCTV an affordable service. Our annual subscription will work out at £60* per class.

This means that a two form entry primary school (14 classes, R -Y6) will pay £840* for the school. For a small country school with split year groups this means this resource will still be very affordable; a three class school with several year groups in each class will only pay £180* a year for its TV subscription.

*Prices include VAT so cost per class after VAT is only £48

We are not only aiming this channel at schools, we believe this channel is going to be great for educators in alternative settings as well. TCTV programmes are an ideal resource to support learners at home.

Home Educators can either subscribe directly through the channel by a family by family basis. Or if you are part of an organised group of Home Educators or Home Schoolers we can treat you like a ‘school’ and provide a group subscription discount.

For further information or to subscribe email admin@timecapsule.education